Oak Harbor judo bronze medalist looks for gold in Brazil By Rich Myhre Herald Writer Published: Monday, May 16, 2016, 8:58 p.m. With one Olympic medal already in hand, Marti Malloy is gearing up to try for another. And if bronze was a great color in 2012, gold would be […]

As the title implies, my hunger was somewhat satiated at my last event in Hungary! Of course i would be completely satisfied with gold but i was proud of my performance at the event last month! I made it to the semi-final before being taken by a strong player from […]

Since my last blog post i have been on the road non stop! I am happy to report a few things…. At the NY Open the USA Women’s team took the gold medal, beating Cuba in the final! It was an exciting event to say the least and i was […]

Hello everyone! I am checking in post competition. Sad to say i came home without a medal in Georgia. I am somewhat perplexed by how i lost and why. It was a single shido that decided the match, but not a shido i am sure i deserved. If you are […]

I am finally home from Germany! It was not my favorite trip, but when you experience disappointment it always seems that way. I won my first fight in the event with an ashi waza for wazari, direct to osaekomi. You can watch this fight here, at the 2hr,8min mark! In […]

My new years resolution was to be more diligent with my blog, but we all know how resolutions go 😉 But it’s never too late to start! My year began with a bang! A week of training in Austria was the first thing on the menu. Unfortunately a knee injury […]

It’s time for a long over due update! I have been on a roller coaster this year and it has been fun! I started out the year training in Europe for a few weeks in order to get some much needed practice against some of my top competition. My teammates […]