Hello everyone!

I am checking in post competition. Sad to say i came home without a medal in Georgia. I am somewhat perplexed by how i lost and why. It was a single shido that decided the match, but not a shido i am sure i deserved.

If you are interested in the fight you can watch it below, on mat 2, at the 4 hour and 20 minute mark.

Losing is always difficult to deal with, especially when it is by such a close margin. I think i would rather have been thrown for ippon, just because it is so much more decisive and unquestionable.

However, i must move on and learn from my mistakes! Losing is the best motivation there is!

I am now in Boston training at Pedro’s Judo Club for the week and staying with my best friend Kayla Harrison. She took a fabulous Gold medal this weekend, winning all her matches by ippon! She’s a force to be reckoned with and a great inspiration for me on this journey.

We will be heading to NY on Friday to compete in a Women’s Team Competition on Sunday. We will face up against Cuba and France. Our sponsor, The New York Athletic Club, is hosting and it should be an amazing event to watch and be a part of.

3 weeks after that will be a very important tournament, the Pan Am Championships,followed up immediately by the Croatia Grand Prix. I will be the returning champion at Pan Ams and am looking forward to maintaining that title!

Stay tuned for updates!

With love,