My new years resolution was to be more diligent with my blog, but we all know how resolutions go 😉

But it’s never too late to start!

My year began with a bang! A week of training in Austria was the first thing on the menu.

Unfortunately a knee injury in November had me sidelined most of the holidays so training in Austria was not easy! Soreness, pain and non-functional lungs made it especially torturous! But i persevered and came out the other end in good shape and free of many cobwebs!

There were almost a thousand athletes on the mats every day! How lucky were we??

The Team USA Girls!

Bruise damage after just 2 days!!


We found a little free time to go snowmobiling in the beautiful Mittersil countryside!
After a two week break we headed to Saquarema Brazil for another training camp. There were not as many fighters as there were in Mittersil but they were tough none the less! It was unbearably hot! So when we weren’t on the mat we were at the pool or the beach across the street. It was a nice way to relax and escape the heat.

All the girls after training! Can you spot me???


Travis trucking his gi’s out of the rain!!!



Some Beach fun!!


Next up is my first competition of the year in Dusseldorf for a Grand Prix February 20th! The training to start the year has been great for getting in shape and i am so optimistic for a successful year! Olympic qualification is in full force so every event counts!

Check back for updates as i strive to keep my new years resolution going strong!!!

Much love !!!