I am finally home from Germany! It was not my favorite trip, but when you experience disappointment it always seems that way.

I won my first fight in the event with an ashi waza for wazari, direct to osaekomi. You can watch this fight here, at the 2hr,8min mark!

In my second fight i was taken by the Korean, Kim via 3 shidos. It was a frustrating fight to say the least. But my lessons have been learned. I don’t care to share the video because it disgusts me,but some internet searches will reveal it.

After the tournament myself and the American team participated in a 3 day training camp. This was my third training camp in just 2 months and my old bones were feeling it. But i persevered and managed to push through and get many randoris under my belt 🙂

Now i will train in San Jose for 2 weeks before heading to Tblisi, Georgia (for the 1st time!) to fight in another Grand Prix.

I’m not just hungry for success i am starving!!!!! Looking forward to making my mark!

Some photos from our 10 days in Europe!