It’s time for a long over due update! I have been on a roller coaster this year and it has been fun!

I started out the year training in Europe for a few weeks in order to get some much needed practice against some of my top competition. My teammates and I had a great time and got some great training.

Unfortunately upon my return to the states I sustained a knee injury that took me off the mat for almost 2 months! It was extremely frustrating especially since I had to pull out of some important competitions. But after some serious rehabbing I was back on the mat in no time.

Soon after returning to the mat I fought in the Pan Am championships for my first event of the year and ended up taking GOLD! I was so thrilled! I have taken bronze twice and silver twice at the Pan Am’s and was desperate for that Gold! It was very satisfying considering my long break before the event.

Right now I am in preparation for the Cuba Grand Prix next week. It is the first Olympic qualifier for the Rio Olympics in 2016 and the beginning of a long journey! After Cuba I will head straight to El Salvador for a second qualifier.

It is so strange to think that the Olympic run is already under way since London feels just like yesterday. But as they say, the Olympics are every single day. In how you train, how you live and how well you keep focused. I can’t wait for the chance to really live up to my potential and accomplish all my goals.

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Some photos from my journeys so far this year!


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