I’m finally posting! Sorry for the delay i have been so busy!I thought i was going to get a whole week in San Jose after coming back from my hometown of Oak Harbor WA on Saturday but it looks like im heading back to WA. tomorrow! I will be attending an Olympians reception for all the Washington state Olympians at the Governors mansion in Olympia. Which is nothing to complain about, it will be an awesome honor! But i am wondering when all the excitement is going to wear off and i can go back to being a judo-addict recluse. Haha, ok thats a little extreme but i guess what im saying is i like losing myself in judo training and thinking about nothing but my next chance for a victory. Unfortunately for me that is going to have to wait till next year around March-ish.  I have been giving my shoulder ample time to rest with the hope that decent rest will mean no surgery. Its not completely off the table yet but its not something i want to do at all. So in the meantime i have been doing a ton of fun stuff. Last week for example in my hometown i got to attend my high schools homecoming parade,pep rally and game as well as visit with many local service organizations that offer support and care to the community. It was inspiring to see so many people from the community i came from be so active in helping others and at the same time it was not surprising at all. After all i was on the receiving end not too long ago myself. When i came home to visit and saw signs and posters in every shop window congratulating me i was so thrilled. It was truly an honor to take part. Judo wise i have set my sights on the World Championships in Rio next year as my main goal. I will compete before then but i am highly motivated to do some real damage this time next year at the Worlds. Mentally i have been in a good place. There’s nothing like seeing your dreams come true to inspire you to do great things. The main thing i learned about my judo is that i am able to execute good judo techniques on the biggest stage on the planet if i am focused and prepared enough. I also know that in four years time my ability to grow and learn as a judo player is unlimited. With that in mind i am excited for the next quad and look forward to becoming the best judo player i can. In my personal life i had seriously entertained going to grad school at SJSU but it doesn’t look like it is going to be possible as the grad schedule conflicts with judo DAILY. So it looks like school will have to wait. Im following up with some interesting job opportunities so ill post if anything works out! In the mean time, happy training and i will check in again soon!

All my best!